Wheelchairs For Children

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Wheelchairs For Children

Wheelchairs For Children. -- A wheelchair is not just a wheelchair anymore. A generation ago, this word conjured up the image of a boxy, shiny steel frame and vinyl upholstery. There would have been little or no discussion of finding the proper fit for a wheelchair, either. If a child needed a chair, little attention was paid to the fact that he or she was growing. The solution was simply to order a larger chair and let the child grow into it. You can forget about all that! There are now almost as many many wheelchair styles, colors and options as there are children to use them.

Wheelchairs For Children

Select a Wheelchair

First of all, the consideration in selecting the appropriate chair is the child’s needs based on his or her age, disabilities or abilities. Professional wheelchair prescribers make some of the initial decisions of the selection process. They are the ones who determine how much support the chair must provide, how it will be propelled, and what special features and adaptations are needed.

Before purchasing the wheelchair, parents must keep in mind the following things:

  • Will the wheelchair be used primarily indoors or outdoors?
  • Will it be used for play, in the home, in school, or in a combination of settings?
  • Will the chair need to be transported? If so, how will it be transported, in a van, a car or by some form of public transportation?
  • Are there stairs or other barriers to be considered?

Types of Wheelchairs

1. Manual Wheelchairs

Wheelchairs For Children

Manual wheelchairs are available in several types and styles for children. Most are propelled by the user’s arm, but some chairs with a lower, or hemi, frame are designed to be propelled by the user’s legs. Manual wheelchairs for children fall into one or more of the following basic categories:

  • Standard/everyday wheelchairs;
  • Child/ Junior/Growing wheelchairs;
  • Lightweight wheelchairs;
  • Sport wheelchairs;
  • Standing wheelchair;
  • Transport wheelchair.

2. Powered Wheelchairs

Wheelchairs For Children

Current research indicated supervised practice enables children to operate powered chairs successfully and that for some children, using these chairs is actually a benefit in conserving energy and increasing self-esteem for the development of other skills.

You can find all these models online, at second-hand shops, where there are many used wheelchairs you can purchase at great prices. You should be able to find a model of wheelchair suitable for your child.


Wheelchairs For Children

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