Various Types Of Wheelchairs

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Various Types Of Wheelchairs

Various Types Of Wheelchairs. -- Wheelchairs are wheeled mobility devices in which someone sits. A wheelchair can be propelled manually or via several automated systems and is used by people who cannot walk or for whom is impossible to walk due to illness, disability or injury.

Such devices are great as they help people be more independent and mobile. Nonetheless, a wheelchair costs pretty much, so people have started to buy used wheelchairs because they save money.


Various Types Of Wheelchairs


There are a few things that may affect the durability of an used wheelchair such as the new user’s terrain, physical capabilities and limitations, as well as weight and width.

Since wheelchairs are individually tailored by doctors, they shouldn’t be resold, but due to the harsh state of the economy, many people buy them to save money, mainly if they use them only for a short period of time and there are lots of “Used Wheelchair for Sale” ads found at local hospitals, on websites, newsletters, at the independent living centre, rehabilitation departments or local disability organisations.


Various Types Of Wheelchairs

There are various types of wheelchairs such as:

  • manual wheelchairs -- are propelled by the owner by pushing on round bars that surround the wheels
  • sports wheelchairs are specially designed for playing sports, being very ultra lightweight and stable
  • electric wheelchairs are propelled by a motor and battery, being very sophisticated, featuring push buttons or a joy stick. Plus, some models can climb stairs, raise up and also  move across gravel
  • pediatric wheelchairs are in electric and manual form and are smaller. They are also adjustable, allowing the user to stand or sit.
  • 3 wheeled wheelchairs are used in racing wheelchairs, but also in other sports and even everyday purposes, being more manoeuvrable and stable
  • standing wheelchairs support the user in a standing position and can be used as a wheelchair and as a standing frame if the user wants to sit or stand in his wheelchair
  • beach wheelchairs allow people to enter the water. Such wheelchairs have a great mobility in the sand and there are many models available


If you also need a wheelchair and an used one would be better, you have to know that used wheelchairs don’t have transferable warranties.

Additionally, don’t trust used wheelchairs ads that appear in pawn shops, in newspapers as there is no professional standard.


Various Types Of Wheelchairs


There are many advantages and disadvantages of used wheelchairs such as:



  • lower costs
  • immediate ownership
  • no need for insurance
  • haggle for a lower price



  • no detailed inspection
  • no customizing
  • scams
  • shipping fees
  • no try before buying

There are many things you should take into consideration when you buy used wheelchairs and one of the most important things is how will the wheelchair be used. So, think very well if buying an used wheelchair is convenient for you indeed.


Various Types Of Wheelchairs

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