Used Wheelchairs for Sale

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Wheelchairs are an invaluable tool for those with mobility problems. They are often unable to afford a new wheelchair or their insurance will not cover the cost enough to be feasible in their current financial state. There are several options to consider which could provide affordable, low cost used wheelchairs for sale. Options such as the popular auction website eBay and other classified type ads are not as trustworthy as you may think. These are the most trustworthy sources to find used wheelchairs for low cost to free:

Bulletin Boards -- Bulletin boards both online and offline are great resources to use to find used wheelchairs for sale. These can be provided by people who have lost a family member or those who have upgraded to a mobility scooter and no longer need a wheelchair.

Websites -- Several websites offer used wheelchairs and other medical supplies. They can provide you with discounted and refurbished wheelchairs which will last.

Rehabilitation Hospital -- Newsletters at your local rehabilitation hospital can announce the giving away or sale of used wheelchairs. This is a great option for those who cannot afford a brand new wheelchair for better mobility.

Independent Living Centers -- Several independent living centers can provide resources or information on where to get used wheelchairs. They may even have some available for purchase at their offices for a low price.

State Rehabilitation Department -- The rehabilitation department of your state often has several wheelchairs on hand which are no longer in use by people who have undergone rehabilitation. The rehabilitation of the individuals improved their condition enough to no longer need the wheelchair.

Local Disability Organization -- Your local disability organization may be able to connect you with others who no longer need their wheelchairs or have upgraded to another option.

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