Used Power Wheelchairs

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Used Power Wheelchairs

Used Power Wheelchairs -- People with diseases or conditions that limit their upper body strength can regain much of their mobility with a power wheelchair. Unfortunately, power wheelchairs can be expensive, with prices ranging from $2000 to well over $5000. Medicare or private insurance will sometimes cover all or a part of the cost of a power wheelchair, but for people who are uninsured or whose insurance won’t cover a power chair, the cost can be prohibitive.

One option is purchasing a used power wheelchair. Before handing over the cash to get just anyone with a used chair, however, take some time and make sure the chair you are purchasing is the right one for you.

Does it meet your unique needs? Some power wheelchairs are designed to be extra durable for outdoor use but don’t fit easily indoors. Others maneuver great indoors but don’t stand up well to rough terrain. Some chairs are especially designed for children or people who are over- or under-weight. Make sure you know exactly what kind of wheelchair you are buying.

What condition is the chair in? A power chair that has seen a lot of hard use may not be a good bargain no matter how inexpensive it is. Power chair repairs are almost always costly. If you are not sure about the chair’s condition, ask the seller if it comes with any kind of warranty.

Do you recognize the brand? Well known brands tend to be well constructed. Additionally, if a “brand” chair does break down, it will be easier to find parts and a reliable repair technician.

Even used power wheelchairs don’t come cheap, so take some time and be sure you are getting a chair that you will be able to use for many years.

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Used Power Wheelchairs

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