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Wheels For HumanityWheels For Humanity

Wheels For Humanity. -- If you are living in the United States of America and you were wondering what is that you can do with the used wheel chairs you have at home, welcome to our website! We can indicate you what you can do with these objects that may not be useful to you anymore. No matter how you got to have them, the important thing is not to keep them if you do not need them. You can donate them and make someone happy because not everyone who needs a wheelchair affords one. One of the organizations involved in gathering wheel chairs that are used already is UCP Wheels For Humanity. This is located in North Hollywood, California and accepts wheel chairs as a donation. The chairs are refurbished and they are sent to children and adults living in developing nations, people who suffer of cerebral palsy. UCP Wheels For Humanity has health associations as partners to make sure that the wheel chairs get to be used by people that really need them. Before being sent, the chairs are fitted for the individuals that will use them.

There are many disabled people around the world and this organization does the best to make sure that wheel chairs get to be used by people who really need them and do not afford to buy them. In many of the countries where these chairs are sent, people who cannot walk need to crawl or to be carried, so the chairs that they receive are a real blessing. UCP Wheels For Humanity delivered wheel chairs in over 66 countries all over the world, to people who could not buy these for themselves and needed them as a donation.

The organization exists since 1996 and accepts used wheel chairs as a donation because these are really useful. More than 50,000 people received wheel chairs through the programs of UCP Wheels For Humanity. All the work is done by more than 600 of volunteers from all over the world. If you want to give a hand and to help people who do not have mobility, donate the wheel chairs you do not use, even if they are not brand new. You can also support the organization by donating money and making a change in the lives of people who need wheel chairs to obtain a freedom that you naturally have.

Wheels For Humanity

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