Purchasing a Used Wheelchair – helpful advice and hints

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For many people of all ages, having a wheelchair is a necessity for them to get around. As a result of a physical impairment they have, they are unable to get around without the assistance of a wheelchair. Fortunately, wheelchairs do allow them to get around. While they might be stuck without a wheelchair, with the help of one they are able to get where they need to go.

If you are someone who needs a wheelchair to get around, you are probably well aware of the fact that wheelchairs aren’t cheap. While it is something that you absolutely must have in order to function and lead a normal life, this doesn’t mean that you can obtain it at a cheap price. In a perfect world, everyone who needed a wheelchair would be able to get a wheelchair without worrying about the cost, but unfortunately that is simply not the case.

Fortunately, there are still options for you to get a wheelchair even if you are in a situation where you are worried about the potential cost. One of the best ways to get the wheelchair you need without breaking your bank account is to purchase a used wheelchair. Just like purchasing a used car, a used wheelchair can give you the transportation capabilities you need at a significantly reduced cost. Obviously, not every used wheelchair is going to be in good shape (and therefore wouldn’t be a good purchase), but if you take your time and evaluate each potential purchase carefully, you should be able to get a quality used wheelchair at a great price.

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Health And Disability

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Statistics indicate that nowadays about 1 in 5 people is living with a type of disability. Same statistics show that most individuals have huge chances of experiencing a disability some time during the course of their lives. In the UK, more than 10 million people are disabled. About 770,000 of these patients are children.

Disabled patient, wheelchair

What being disabled means?

Disability is the medical term used for cases in which patients are suffering from an impairment. This can be physical, cognitive, but also mental impairment, sensory, emotional or developmental impairment, as well as a combination of these.

A type of disability can occur any time during an individual’s life. Some people are actually born with certain disabilities, which affect them through their entire life. Disabilities can be caused by chronic health problems, severe illnesses, an accident or by a different way in which a person’s body functions.

Studies have also shown that people suffering from certain disabilities are more likely to develop a series of health problems. Still, you should not imagine that a type of disability will make living a healthy life impossible. Actually, anyone can be healthy and happy, regardless of the problems experienced. The advanced technology that can be accessed nowadays can easily lead to the improvement of the life conditions of all patients.

Disabled patients, independent living

Independent living

People suffering from disabilities can achieve independent living, with the right support. This means that disabled individuals can have control over their daily activities and can choose how they want to live. For instance, take the example of a patient who needs a wheelchair. The advanced technology nowadays has made using a wheelchair extremely simple and accessible. This means that even though patients cannot walk, they don’t lack movement.

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How To Find A Used Wheelchair

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Unfortunately, nowadays numerous people suffer from mobility problems. A wide range of people need aid to help mobility, so there is no wonder that wheelchair industry has grown so much. Wheelchairs can easily help people who cannot walk to lead a normal lifestyle. In the lack of this equipment, many individuals would be unable to perform demanding everyday tasks. Nowadays, there are numerous wheelchairs available in sale. Models, as well as functionality, can vary a lot from one wheelchair to another. A good wheelchair can cost up to several thousands of dollars. However, you should know that if you want to make some savings, the best idea you could have is to purchase a used wheelchair.

Finding a functional, yet affordable, used wheelchair is not as complicated as you may imagine at first. Below you will find a series of tips on how to find a great wheelchair at the most affordable price.


1. The first thing you will have to do when you start your search for a used wheelchair is to make up your mind on the model or the type of device you need. As already mentioned, there are numerous models of used wheelchairs available in sale. You can pick an electrical, manual, rigid-fame, folding or lightweight model. Size is another factor to keep under consideration, as the device has to be perfectly fitted for you.

2. Now that you know exactly what you are looking for, you can start your search. Search for used wheelchairs online. In fact, there are so many online shops in which you can find such devices that you can easily make a great deal. Check prices and compare offers before making your pick, to be certain that you will make the best deal possible.

3. Make a list with the best offers found. Then, you can start checking features and sizes. One of the most important thing to check is if the wheelchair is fitted to the person who is going to use it. Another aspect to consider is the age of the device you plan on buying. A used wheelchair should not be more than 5 years old, as after a longer period of time this equipment starts depreciating.


Another great idea would be to look for used wheelchairs at reputable organizations. There are many organizations which resell them, including hospitals, rehabilitation centers and groups that work with people with disabilities. Regardless of the model purchased or the place from where you plan on buying, you should carefully inspect the used wheelchair before signing the deal. You need to make sure that it is working perfectly and is safe enough for the person who will use it.

Buying a used wheelchair can be extremely affordable. You only need to be careful enough and you can save quite an important sum of money.

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Heartway Wheelchair Manufacturer

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There are many wheelchair manufacturing companies, but one of them is Heartway Products Co. Ltd. The company has grown into an international leading manufacture and distributor of power wheelchairs and manual wheelchairs.


The team is made from great mobility professionals, who involve in their work, each of them having over 15 years of experience in this industry. The company manufacturing is based in Taiwan, but its products have been distributed even to the United States.

The wheelchairs manufactured by Heartway became one of the most important brands in Taiwan due to advanced features, designs and convenient prices. The products are not available only in the USA, but also in Canada and Europe.


All providers are carefully selected in order to ensure that customers are satisfied. Related to high standards, the company is ISO 13485 certified, FDA approved and also GMP accredited world-class manufacturer.


Quality control is maintained by every aspect of the products and services. Each product is backed with quality assurance and product satisfaction. Moreover, the market is constantly monitored for customer needs. Thus, the company stays in touch with customers’ needs and requirements, being able to improve its wheelchairs and services.

Additionally, the company searches for better and new ways in order to develop new products and improve those existing ones. Heartway is on the market for over 15 years, becoming one of the most reliable wheelchair companies. Its services and products are based on safety standards, durability and fucntionality.

If you were looking for wheelchairs, but you didn’t know which company to choose, Heartway is a great choice. Find out more about it here:

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Invacare Wheelchairs

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If you plan to buy a used wheelchair, but you don’t know which company or brand are more reputable and reliable, Invacare wheelchairs are what you need. The Invacare Corporation is one of the most important leaders of wheelchairs, offering a wide range of products, even conversion kits that turn a chair into a different type of chair.


Invacare manufactures custom manual wheelchairs, which are available as a rigid model or folder, with the folder laying flat for an easier carrying and the rigid model sitting upright. The company also provides wheelchairs for children, but anyone can have a wheelchair customised accordingly to personal needs.


Invacare manufactures recreational type wheelchairs and also other vehicles for sports such as tennis, rugby, basketball, hand cycling and many others. Additionally, the company makes racing capable wheelchairs, featuring larger wheels and a lower design. Such wheelchairs are custom designed, so the rider feels more comfortable, even when playing harsh sports. There are also all-terrain wheelchairs for people who need this type.


All Invacare wheelchairs are made to provide support, comfort, but at a convenient price. Invacare has several lines of wheelchairs such as manual, everyday chairs and power wheelchairs. There are also a few models with padded headrests, so Ivacare offers the best for all type of customers.


If you don’t have enough money for a new Invacare wheelchair, you can simply buy a used one. It’s cheaper and as long as its Invacare, it’s of high quality. Nonetheless, it’s important if the previous owner of it has handled properly. But even if it’s a second wheelchair, Invacare means quality and the best technology. Now, you know what company and brand to choose when you’re looking for a second-hand wheelchair: Invacare.

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Electric Used Wheelchairs

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There are many types of used wheelchairs. Some of them are electric wheelchairs that use belts or gears and sometimes both of them. If you want to buy this type of used wheelchairs you have to know that they vary in ruggedness. For example, there are low-end electric powered wheelchairs with light frames, which are perfect for indoor use.


Nonetheless, their frames may break, fronts forks bend and their motors die if they’re used excessively in the outdoors. Modern and high-priced electric wheelchairs are more reliable and rugged, having frames that are designed to handle more weight. Some have also spring suspension, so they provide a smooth ride over various types of areas.


Electric wheelchairs are available in three basic models such as:

1. Rear-wheel drive wheelchairs are traditional and most popular. They are faster and offer poor capabilities compared to front-wheel and mid-wheel models.

2. Front-wheel drive wheelchairs are more common as they provide tighter turning functions and have a slightly lower top speed than rear-wheels as they turn too fast at high speeds.

3. Mid-wheel drive wheelchairs have the tightest turning of all types. Nonetheless, they have the tendency to become unsteady when start and stop. Additionally, they feature caster wheels in their rear and an extra set of anti-tip wheels in front. Thus, they are limited when used on uneven surfaces.

These wheelchairs may have additional features such as power tilt. It tilts the entire seat assembly and can footrests to a 45-degree angle. Another feature is the recliner, which is a feature that tilts the seat back and raises the leg. Both of these new features help people feel more relief and prevent pressure sores.


Although electric wheelchairs are usually more expensive, if you buy used ones, their price will be lower and you’ll save a lot of money. You can find them in various health care facilities or on the Internet.

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How To Sell Used Wheelchairs

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If you want to sell used wheelchairs, there are many possibilities. Due to the harsh state of economy, many people plan to buy second hand used wheelchairs, so there are increased chances to sell them.


You can call around your own town medical facilities or you can access different websites. The following instructions are very important if you want to sell your second hand wheelchairs as soon as possible:

1. Online websites are a practical solution to sell used wheelchairs very fast. You can sell them through various websites or eBay. You can do that through an auction or list at a set price. Keep in mind that your used wheelchair should have a realistic cost. You should also mention a guarantee to make the buyer trust you. If you have pictures, include them as well. There are also specialized sites, so list with them. Some of these websites also provide useful information on how to describe wheelchairs to sell them as soon as possible.


2. Look for medical companies as they usually need both new and used equipments. Some companies buy and resell them to hospitals, pharmacies and other medical facilities. Or, sell used wheelchairs at pharmacies that provide equipment. In these cases, prices are usually higher. Find out the pharmacy’s consignment fee or if it requires an outright sale.

3. Post your selling announcement on local bulletin boards. Describe well the used wheelchair you want to sell and post the announcement in senior centers, libraries, restaurants, coffee shops, stores and local community centers. Don’t forget to have permission from the proper source before posting.


4. Find newsletters, different publications and place your selling ad. There are publications which charge a fee, while others don’t. You should also look for rehabilitation and retirement centers newsletters and ad sections.

Therefore, you have many possibilities to easily sell used wheelchairs. Your announcement has to be as convincing as possible. Additionally, don’t forget to add some photos to make potential buyers trust you and see that you sell quality wheelchairs.

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Wheelchair Safety Tips

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Wheelchairs are very useful vehicles that allow disabled individuals to move easily. Wheelchairs can also be great for elderly, who can hardly move from one corner of the house to another. However, wheelchairs, such as any other type of vehicles, need to be handled and maintained properly to be as safe as possible. Wheelchairs safety is actually more important than what you may initially imagine.


1. Brakes

Brakes need to be kept in perfect conditions at all time. Breaks are crucial in case you need to stop the wheelchair immediately. They also need to work perfectly when you are making the transfer from the wheelchair to a chair or even the bed. Not to mention the situation when you want to get in a car. If the wheelchair moves, you can fall and chances are that you will get seriously hurt. Actually, a brake failure, regardless of the location and situation, can cause accidents and consequently, injuries.

2. Wheels

The wheels should be properly maintained, too. Test them regularly to see if their normal movement is in a way or another obstructed. If the wheelchair stars moving more slowly or movement is difficult, you should first check the wheel locks and if needed get them lubricated.

3. Curbs

If you want to stay as safe as possible, make sure to avoid curbs or places in which you have less visibility and less control over the wheelchair. If you plan on going on a public road with your wheelchair you should keep in mind the fact that others may not see you. On the road wear bright colors and be sure to make yourself as visible as possible.


Naturally, there are many other important safety measures you can take for your protection, even though the aforementioned ones are crucial. Below you can find a list of other things you should consider for your own safety while using your wheelchair.

  • Know your limits and be certain that you can control the wheelchair.
  • Avoid busy roads.
  • Never reach for an object if you have to move to the edge of the seat. This may cause you to fall out of the chair.
  • Never try to maneuver your wheelchair on a stairway.
  • Never attempt to ride on ramps, unless you already have some experience.
  • Keep your wheelchair in perfect conditions for optimal safety.


Avoid riding your wheelchair in the rain and be sure that you know how to use it properly and how to control it. If you take proper care of your wheelchair you can be quite sure that you will be safe.

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Things To Do For Children In Wheel Chairs

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If you have a kid in a wheel chair, you are probably already aware of the fact that it is kind of difficult to find activities for him. Think of the fact that your child is staying all the time and you need to find physical activities suited for him too. Don’t let him get bored and offer him your time and attention. Include him in regular activities and adapt those where he cannot get involved to his needs. Nowadays, there are many children with disabilities, so you need to pay a little bit of attention and find the best things to do for your own.

This video is very helpful. Maria Marchetti addresses to parents who need to find activities for their kids which are unable to move. Watch it and keep in mind her advice.

Wheel Chair Art is a great project in which kids with cerebral palsy were involved in order to feel integrated and encouraged to try all sorts of sports which they can make even if they need wheelchairs.

Hope is a little girl who together with her teacher has a lot of activities which they share with other kids in wheel chairs. In the next video, the two make a volcano together. If your kid is a wheel chair, he can try to build the same thing after watching these wonderful video.

As you can see, a child who cannot move his legs can still have a great life. There are many activities that your kid can try in order to never get bored and to feel like any regular child.

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Wheelchairs For Children

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A wheelchair is not just a wheelchair anymore. A generation ago, this word conjured up the image of a boxy, shiny steel frame and vinyl upholstery. There would have been little or no discussion of finding the proper fit for a wheelchair, either. If a child needed a chair, little attention was paid to the fact that he or she was growing. The solution was simply to order a larger chair and let the child grow into it. You can forget about all that! There are now almost as many many wheelchair styles, colors and options as there are children to use them.


Select a Wheelchair

First of all, the consideration in selecting the appropriate chair is the child’s needs based on his or her age, disabilities or abilities. Professional wheelchair prescribers make some of the initial decisions of the selection process. They are the ones who determine how much support the chair must provide, how it will be propelled, and what special features and adaptations are needed.

Before purchasing the wheelchair, parents must keep in mind the following things:

  • Will the wheelchair be used primarily indoors or outdoors?
  • Will it be used for play, in the home, in school, or in a combination of settings?
  • Will the chair need to be transported? If so, how will it be transported, in a van, a car or by some form of public transportation?
  • Are there stairs or other barriers to be considered?

Types of Wheelchairs

1. Manual Wheelchairs


Manual wheelchairs are available in several types and styles for children. Most are propelled by the user’s arm, but some chairs with a lower, or hemi, frame are designed to be propelled by the user’s legs. Manual wheelchairs for children fall into one or more of the following basic categories:

  • Standard/everyday wheelchairs;
  • Child/ Junior/Growing wheelchairs;
  • Lightweight wheelchairs;
  • Sport wheelchairs;
  • Standing wheelchair;
  • Transport wheelchair.

2. Powered Wheelchairs


Current research indicated supervised practice enables children to operate powered chairs successfully and that for some children, using these chairs is actually a benefit in conserving energy and increasing self-esteem for the development of other skills.

You can find all these models online, at second-hand shops, where there are many used wheelchairs you can purchase at great prices. You should be able to find a model of wheelchair suitable for your child.

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Various Types Of Wheelchairs

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Wheelchairs are wheeled mobility devices in which someone sits. A wheelchair can be propelled manually or via several automated systems and is used by people who cannot walk or for whom is impossible to walk due to illness, disability or injury.

Such devices are great as they help people be more independent and mobile. Nonetheless, a wheelchair costs pretty much, so people have started to buy used wheelchairs because they save money.




There are a few things that may affect the durability of an used wheelchair such as the new user’s terrain, physical capabilities and limitations, as well as weight and width.

Since wheelchairs are individually tailored by doctors, they shouldn’t be resold, but due to the harsh state of the economy, many people buy them to save money, mainly if they use them only for a short period of time and there are lots of “Used Wheelchair for Sale” ads found at local hospitals, on websites, newsletters, at the independent living centre, rehabilitation departments or local disability organisations.



There are various types of wheelchairs such as:

  • manual wheelchairs -- are propelled by the owner by pushing on round bars that surround the wheels
  • sports wheelchairs are specially designed for playing sports, being very ultra lightweight and stable
  • electric wheelchairs are propelled by a motor and battery, being very sophisticated, featuring push buttons or a joy stick. Plus, some models can climb stairs, raise up and also  move across gravel
  • pediatric wheelchairs are in electric and manual form and are smaller. They are also adjustable, allowing the user to stand or sit.
  • 3 wheeled wheelchairs are used in racing wheelchairs, but also in other sports and even everyday purposes, being more manoeuvrable and stable
  • standing wheelchairs support the user in a standing position and can be used as a wheelchair and as a standing frame if the user wants to sit or stand in his wheelchair
  • beach wheelchairs allow people to enter the water. Such wheelchairs have a great mobility in the sand and there are many models available


If you also need a wheelchair and an used one would be better, you have to know that used wheelchairs don’t have transferable warranties.

Additionally, don’t trust used wheelchairs ads that appear in pawn shops, in newspapers as there is no professional standard.




There are many advantages and disadvantages of used wheelchairs such as:



  • lower costs
  • immediate ownership
  • no need for insurance
  • haggle for a lower price



  • no detailed inspection
  • no customizing
  • scams
  • shipping fees
  • no try before buying

There are many things you should take into consideration when you buy used wheelchairs and one of the most important things is how will the wheelchair be used. So, think very well if buying an used wheelchair is convenient for you indeed.

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